Monday, February 24, 2014


i open my eyes to a blinding light coming from the left side of the room.
where am i?
why does my head hurt?
what is the sound?
i look around the empty room and everything is shades of grey.
it feels like somethings missing but i can't figure it out.
everything is so flat looking.
i roll over on my side and push myself into a sitting position.
i have still not figured out why my head hurts so bad
out of the corner of my eye i see something that stands out from the rest of the room.

why does this thing look different?
what is it?
its more vibrant than the floor.
it almost hurts my eyes to look at it.
as a matter of fact its different from everything.
the walls.
the ceiling.
its not the same.
in the opposite corner of the room something else catches my eye.
its smaller than the other object.
but still hurts too look at.
why do they both look so different than the rest of the room?
they have to be connected somehow
i crawl over to the small object and roll it over.
these things have to be connected.
there has to be a reason these things look so different then the rest of the room.
i sat there staring at the two objects, completely puzzled by them.
rage was building inside me.
they have to fit together in some way.
they must explain why i am here
i try to put the small one inside the larger one.
i could feel myself getting angrier at these objects all the while the sound is getting louder.
i couldn't take it anymore.
i started smashing the two objects together.
bit by the bit they started coming undone.
they were breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces.
the different shade was dissipating across the room as the objects were broken more with each smash
now the floor was completely covered in bits of this color.
it's everywhere.

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