Sunday, February 23, 2014

Live Mediated Performance

For my performance, I wanted to deal with the idea of what happens after you die. I choose to have plastic goldfish inhabit a real space and throughout the piece, the goldfish were transferred by means of fishing line to inhabit a not so real space. You were able to see the shadows of the floating goldfish against the fishbowl that was being projected on the wall behind them, while also just floating around in mid air. Throughout the piece there was audio playing of all different theories as to what happens after one dies.
I feel that my piece was successful in the way that it was able to evoke an almost uneasy feeling from the viewers. Death is not a usual topic to verbalize and talk about and this piece confronted you front on with the idea of death, and even gave different ideas so that you were forced to think about what actually happens. I think it would be interesting to have it set up so that someone wouldn't have to pull the suspended goldfish up and they were just set on a timer mechanism. It would also very interesting to see it with a bunch of fish and have numerous theories of death playing on repeat.

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