Thursday, February 20, 2014

Product Performance

Ariana and I decided to do a performance that involved a commentary on different daily routines that were performed by both males and females. I would first perform that male action, and Ariana would then perform an equivalent female action. We then got up and switched chairs and she would then perform the male action, and I would perform the female action. We did this for a series of actions and then ended the piece with each other us doing a bow and a curtsy.

One of the main comments that we got on or piece was that it could be elongated into an endurance piece in which the piece lasted hours upon hours. I think the idea of this would be interesting because doing the series of events once over, there were some fumbles from both of us. If we continued to do the piece for hours, then the actions would become more fluid and there wouldn't be any fumbles when each of the actions were performed. This would make the piece smoother and would further push the ideas of these monotonous actions that aren't even thought about when performed in real life. It would also almost blur the boundary between male and female actions since both genders are doing the actions so naturally.

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