Monday, February 24, 2014

Sam Taylor-Wood: Bram Stroker's Chair Series

The piece that I picked was Sam Taylor Woods chair series called the Bram Stroker's Chair. This series has such an interesting depth to them by the fact that they make the viewer ask so many questions about the piece, even though the action is completely possible. For me, the first answer that I wanted to figure out was how was the chair placed like that so as not to fall over. The most likely answer was that it was photoshopped in, but I thought it would be cool if it was bolted to the ground at that and secured at that odd angle. After you got past the angle of the chair, you start to wonder how the girl is balanced so precariously on top of the tilted chair. This is also most likely photoshopped, but there is part of me that thinks it would be so interesting if she was really able to do this. Also you notice that she is the only thing casting a shadow on the wall behind her, and in every piece you are unable to see her face. There is also an interesting contrast between the hard wooden angularity of the chair and the soft graceful aspect of the girl. This contrast is further pronounced in the fact that she looks to be dressed in her soft pajamas. I feel this picture raises a lot of questions that are purposefully left unanswered by the artist, most likely because she wants the viewer to formulate their own answers. There could also be no answers to the piece at all.

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